Storage Ideas for Kitchen Organization That are Located in Canada

Sometimes, as a Canadian it’s harder to find those great products that can help keep our kitchens organized that we sometime see being used across the boarder. I’ve put together this great list of products that can be found right here in Canada to help keep your kitchen organized and tidy.

This post contains affiliate links. I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Woven Pantry Baskets

No Canadian kitchen or pantry is complete without these woven storage baskets. It will keep packaged foods in your kitchen organized. They are easy to clean and organize and are the best to keep your products arranged in budget-friendly basket.

Stackable Can Rack Organizer

This can organizer holds up to 36 cans of your favorite foods. These racks are easy to put together, sturdy and stackable. The convenient slanted design is great for ensuring your cans are rotated properly and you are using up the food in the correct order. This can organizer has tons of reviews and all are positive. One of the staple pieces needed for your kitchen organization revamp.

Airtight Food Storage Containers with Lids

These containers are every organizer’s dream. Easily stackable, airtight, and see through. You can quickly assess what you have and what you are running low on in a quick glance. With the stackable and space-saving design, these containers will make more efficient use of every inch in kitchen pantry. This particular set includes 24 containers in various sizes, but all lids are the same size, which is great for storing when not in use.

Kitchen Counter Basket with Bamboo Top

Alright, these wire baskets are not necessarily needed, but they will surely add some style to your pantry or kitchen and keep your space organized and pretty. Its bamboo top gives it a very classy and modern look. Perfect for storing your produces, fruits, vegetables, and more. Because of it’s wire design,  it’s structure will remain even when full of heavy produce. A set of two stacked on top of one another fits perfectly under standard height kitchen cabinets.

Expandable Stackable Shelf

If you’re looking to organize your boxed items in your pantry or kitchen, these expandable wire shelves are perfect.  These stackable shelves help maximum space and are versatile on any shelf or kitchen cupboard.  Also a great alternative to the can organizer, these wire shelves will surely help with your kitchen organization project.

6-Tier Over The Door Pantry Organizer

This over door pantry organizer with six baskets is perfect for maximizing space in a smaller kitchen or pantry. The organizer is a solid piece and does not need drilling or nailing, so you can protect your walls and move it easily should you choose to rearrange. This pantry organizer will easily store jars, spices and items you want easy access to. I recommend adding this shelf to your kitchen organization list today!

This post contains affiliate links. I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.